Aloo & Hawaitharak kanghou (Aloo Peas Fry)

I really felt like eating this after seeing the photograph at Anthony’s blog, reminded me of Ema’s kanghou .. ..

Slight variation as I didn’t want to add prawn but it came out pretty tasty 😉 will try again .. so here I am adding in my fav. food collections.

Green Peas (frozen)
Aloo diced – Need to be smaller so that it will cook faster
Onion diced – Prefer red onions as always
Green chilly – 2
Fresh Coriander leaves
Fresh crushed ginger & garlic

Heat 3 TBS of oil, put Jeera, ginger galic, after stiring it 2-3 times add the onions. Fry it until onion becomes translucent. Add peas and potato and keep frying. Stir it quite often, cook in medium flame. DONOT close the lid. Once you see that it is medium cooked, add salt to taste, a pinch of chilly powder, zeera powder & dhaniya powder. Toss in the green chilly. Fry it untill aloo is cooked. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Kanghou is ready !! Serve it as a side dish.

Thanks ! Original recipe from


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