Aloo hawaitharak yairoom ngouba (Aloo & Peas Egg Burji)

Cooking from Anthony’s blog. Really fast to make, had it for dinner with chapati.

– Cut potato in very small dice , the smaller it is the faster it cooks
– Cut onions, again dice it , prefer it to be small too
– 2 Green chilly, cut it into small pieces
– Green peas (used frozen)
– Coriander leaves
– Tomato, sliced into big pieces, I prefer it big ..

In a pan, add 2 TBS of butter, I love egg burji in butter, add potato & peas, once cooked, add onions, prefer to cook the onions a bit more, add salt and freshly ground black pepper, mix it and add 3-4 eggs over it and continue mixing it. Toss in the green chilly, I prefer to put chilly later as it gives a nice flavour. Continue stiring, remove once cooked. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Serve with bread or chapati or even as a side dish with rice. Loved it, quite filling.

Thanks !! Original recipe from


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