Banana Fritters

One of the malayali snacks I love, still to try 😉

Banana(ripe) – 2 (The banana should not be overripe)
Refined or all purpose flour – 3TBS
Cornflour – 1TBS
Sugar – 1/2 TBS
Turmeric powder – pinch to give a golden color.
Salt – a pinch
Baking soda – a pinch(optional)
Oil – to deep fry

Peel the bananas,cut them into 2 halves, Slit the two halves lengthwise into 3 or 4 pieces depending on the size.
Make a thick batter of cornflour,refined/all purpose flour,turmeric powder,salt and sugar to coat the banana pieces
Deep fry the banana pieces after coating them with the batter
Fry till it turns golden brown
Drain over tissue paper and serve hot, sprinkle little powdered sugar to give a sweet taste if u like.


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