Hawai apakpi thongba (Flat White Bean curry)

ah, I love this bean but didn’t know what it is called .. so I call it hawai apakpi in manipuri;)
http://www.organictrading.com/legumes.html suggests that it might be “Great northern beans”


Nothing special but great for daily khana , simple and can be served with roti or rice.

-Soak the white beans overnight.
-Pressure cook beans, add salt, pinch of chilly powder, jeera powder & dhaniya powder , make sure it is only for 2 whistle and remove the pressure asap. You don’t want to overcook the beans and make it paste. I hate pasty dal !!
-In a kadai, take 1 and half TBS of oil, put full jeera, crushted giner and garlic, stir couple of times and add onions (diced or manipuri style), after onion is slightly on the browner side add tomato (prefer to cut it in big pieces, like 4 piece for a small tomato), Fry for sometime. Toss in 2 slitted green chilly.
– Add the pressure cooked white beans and bring it to a boil. Make it boil as long as you feel the consistancy is just right for u.
– Add salt to taste (don’t forget to taste before putting the salt, coz u have put some salt while pressure cooking the beans)

once cooked, garnish it with green coriander leaves and serve it hot with roti or rice.


2 responses to “Hawai apakpi thongba (Flat White Bean curry)

  1. HI Enne,
    Reminds me of my MOM cooking this dish almost everday as she grows it in our compound, but still we loved it for she cooked it in different style sometimes with tomato, sometimes with nga pai(flying fish)…. soiboom.. . Good Emme

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