Masala Papad

This is our of my favourite starter I use to have when I was in bangalore .. very commonly available in dhaba & even in restaurants too.


Papad – black pepper lijjad papap or plain (I love the spicy one)
Cucumber- dice it very thin
Red onion – dice it very thin
Tomato – dice it very thin
Freshly squeezed lemon juice
Green chiily – cut it very thin
Coriander leaves – cut it very thin
Salt to taste , pinch of chilly powder

Mix the above ingredients in a boul and keep it aside.
Roast the papad (I microwave it , 17 seconds each side)

Just before eating sprinkle the above mixture on top of the papad and serve. Make sure u put the mixture just before u eat otherwise the papad will become soggy. Crispy papad with slightly spicy mix .. wah wah .. I love it 😉 best suited for rainy days and watching a movie.


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