Rice & Mong ladoo – Kerala Munthirikkotthu

Found this very tasty looking ladoo which I ate long long time ago 😉 and I couldn’t find it ever again. Thanks LG. I am saving this to try it, will let you know how it turns up. Thanks !!!

1 cup of split Moong Dal
1 cup of Rice
dry coconut
cashew nut
ginger powder
all purpose flour
rava powder
black sesame seeds
salt to taste

– Roast rice over a pan brushed with ghee and keep aside once it turns brownish.
– Roast moong dal over a pan brushed with ghee and keep aside aside once it turns brownish.
– Roast coconut till dry, no need to brown them.
– Roast cashew nut and dice them into smaller pieces.
– Roast sesame seeds and put it aside.
– Grind it together to a coarse (NOT FINE) mixture.
– Boil jaggery with water untill it turns into a smooth syrup in low flame, add the coconut, Mix the moong dal, rice, ¼ tsp of cardamom powder, ¼ tsp of dry ginger powder and cashew. The mixture should not be watery.
– Make small balls with this mixture before the sugar hardens, need to do it fast.
– Let the small balls cool down completely. The sugar will harden when it cools which will make the balls hard.

-Make a thick batter with the same consistency of ‘idli batter’. Add water to 1 cup of All Purpose Flour and 1 cup of idli rawa or rice which is coarsely ground. Roast ¼ cup of some black sesame seeds in ghee and add to this batter along with some salt.
– Dip the small balls in the batter and fry them in any frying oil. Dry them completely.
– This stays good for one or two months in a glass jar.Serve it as a snack.

I am really looking forward to making this 😉 Thanks LG


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