Spicy chutney – can be use as sauce for any bora/bhaji/fritters

This is my latest favourite spicy chutney. One of my colleague told me to try this when she saw me putting “too much” pepper sauce on my food. I use this as a sauce and serve it with bora/bhaji/fritters. Best with onion bora made of vada mix.

Tomato – 2 -4 small or 1-2 big depending on the quantity u want
Garlic – 2- 4 pod
Fresh lemon – sqeeze the juice, remove the seed.
Green chilly – 6 to 10 (depending on how spicy u want it)
Salt to taste

Put all these ingredients in a chopper (mind u not a mixie, I did this at my sister’s place as she didn’t have a chopper and it became a paste, the taste was there but it was not as good as it is when u use a chopper) and chop it for only a few couple of rounds. If it becomers more on the pasty side, cut tomotoes into very small pieces and coriender and add it.


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