Tapioca with fish curry – Kerala dish

Another one of my favourite , I have had this long long back and it was awesome. Thanks to Reshma, saving it and will try this soon.

Tapioka (haven’t added coconut)
Yucca root: about 2 lb ,remove the hard skin and cut into small pieces
mustard seeds : 1/4 t
Dry red chilies: 3/4
Curry leaf: 4/5
A little turmeric powder
Oil : 1 t

Take the cut yucca in a pot, fill enough water to cover the yucca, add turmeric and salt and let boil, until the pieces are thoroughly cooked, and can be easily pierced by a fork.In another pan, season oil with mustard seeds, dry read chilies, and curry leaves. Add this to the yucca and mix well.

Fish Curry
Any fish : 1 lb
Chili powder : 4 t
Tamarind paste : ½ cup (reduce the amount, I don’t like tamarind in my food)
Turmeric powder : ½ t
Fenugreek : ¼ t
Onion, sliced : 1 quarter
Green chili : 1
Ginger –garlic paste : 1 t
Curry leaf : 4-5
Water : 1 cup
Oil : 4 T

Heat oil, fry the fenugreek for a couple of minutes.Add onion, ginger, and garlic and sauté until transparent. Add green chilies, curry leaf, and masala powders and let fry until the raw smell is gone.Pour tamarind paste, and water. Bring to a boil. Add the fish pieces, and salt. Cover and cook until the fish is well done, and the curry is fairly thick.Serve hot with cooked yucca


One response to “Tapioca with fish curry – Kerala dish

  1. I like the yucca prepared in a different style. It is :
    After the yucca is cooked as described the left over water is removed.
    For seasoning I like onion with red hot chilly crushed together added wtih curry leaves. You may also add coconut scrap to the seasoned chilly and onion and dry the mixture in the same frying pan and then add it to the yucca kept ready after removal of excess water.

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