Tilhou Bora (Onion fritters) – vada mix base

ah, this is one of my best and one of my very own recipe;) I love bora and got bored of eating bora of besan/gram flour base. Once I tried with vada mix and it turned out to be fabulous. Serve this with spicy chutney..

1 packet of vada mix – you can get this in any indian store. I tried with gits.
2 big onion – cut it into very small dice pieces.
2 green chilly – cut it into very very small pieces.
4-6 curry pata (optional, it’s good if you put)

No need to add any masala or salt.

– Mix the vada batter as instructed in the vada packet. It will tell u to soak it after stiring for 15-20 mins.
– add the above chopped onions, green chilly, coriander, curry patta and mix it.
– Deep fry in oil and once the color is medium brownish , strain it over tissue papers so that the oil will get soaked.
– tilhou nora is ready.

This can be used as starters or for evening snacks with karak chai 😉 Enjoy.


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