This recipe is from my mother in law. I love this, great for snacks.

  • Rice powder and Rava powder (I put 1:1 as it is more on the crispier side but you can change it based on your taste, if you want a bit softer, use more rice powder)
  • Jaggery – this is also available in indian store
  • Banana ripe – 3-4
  • Dry coconut (cut in small pieces) – This is available in any indian store
  • Cardamon powder
  • Pinch of Baking powder (take care, don’t put too much)

– Take the dried coconut and fry it in pure ghee, keep aside to cool it.
– Boil the jaggery with water and keep it aside to cool it.
– Smash the banana , make sure it is smashed properly, there should be no lump.
– Add jaggery and mix it.
– Add the rice powder & rava powder, pinch of baking powder and mix it well untill it becomes a smooth batter.
– Add cardamon powder and the fried coconut and mix it well.
– Heat the special unniappam pan with oil in it, once oil is hot, put the batter in each unniappam hole and turn it once cooked (it will turn brownish) only . Once done, put it over tissue paper so that the oil gets strained off.


5 responses to “Unniappam

  1. Hi Monica,
    Found your blog while searching for Appam recipes. Enjoyed it very much – delighted to have a chance to learn more about Manipuri food. Thank You! Smita

  2. nice recipies but unfortunately not all ingredients have their measures to them..eg jaggery, cardamom powder or dry coconut..

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