Vegetable stew – Kerala dish (to be served with appam)

I still prefer chicken stew but for variety I don’t mind vegetable stew. This is to be served with appam , one of the malayali dish I love.

I used frozen appam which u get in any indian shop. I find it a big task to make appam though I have made it earlier ….

Potatoes cubed
Carrots , Beans sliced into small bite-sized pieces
Green Peas
Green Chillies
Tomato sliced
Curry Leaves
Turmeric Powder
Bay leaves
Coconut milk – u get this in any indian or asian store or even at shoppers
Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper powder ( I use powder and add a few whole spice too)
Salt to taste
All purpose flour – 1 TBS

-Saute potatoes for a while and remove when the color starts to change.Repeat the procedure with each vegetable.Keep them aside.
– Add all masalas and onion,saute for sometime .Do not brown the onions.
– Add all purpose flour and stir until the raw smell goes away.Then add turmeric powder,curry leaves,green chillies and all the vegetables .
-Pour thin coconut milk (mix half coconut water with 1 cup of water) into the pan and cook the vegetables till done in slow medium heat.
-Add salt and vinegar.
-Add thick coconut milk and stir well and cook in slow flame for 3 mins.

Remove from fire. Decorate with sliced tomatoes. Serve hot with appam.

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