Kelli Channa (Spicy Yellow Peas)

I got addicted to this after I ate at NAMA get together and got the recipe from Jerina.. great for afternoon snacks with karak chai. Very famous in manipur.

1.Soak the yellow peas(If possible overnight ).

2. Boil it in an open vessel (i dont prefer using pressure cooker) , Add salt according to your taste while boiling.

3. Heat some mustard oil/vegetable oil, when its heated right add some asofotedia(hing). Make sure that you reduce the heat inorder not to burn the hing .Add chives(maroi naakoop pi) immediately.

4. Fry the chives till its little cripspy. Then add
turmeric and chilli powder and green chillis( cut it round).For the masala i used kitchen king,but you can use whatever you prefer(like corriander powder, cumin powder).

5. After you add the masalas add the boiled peas and cook it for sometimes(15 to 20 mins).

6. Once its done garnish it with thinly cut green chilly, green onion, chives, tokningkok, phakpai(you will get all these herbs in the asian market)


4 responses to “Kelli Channa (Spicy Yellow Peas)

  1. Thats my favourite one… i always always prefer to have those one in Ema MArket whenever I go home…along with paknum and maroi sinju….

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