Manipuri Ushop Mathen

NO NO No, I haven’t cooked this 🙂 Thanks to “­Priyobrata ­­Konjengbam
” for sharing this photograph.

Manipuri Ushop Mathen means a  variety of dishes in a manipuri vegetarian feast served on banana leaves and . I love going to ushop just for eating these 🙂

Generally ushop are held for religious related ceremony like nahutpa(ear piercing) , lugul thangba (thread ), 1st dead anniversary (Phiroi) ceremony etc. 


7 responses to “Manipuri Ushop Mathen

  1. WOW!! They are all delicious!! I don;t half of them!!
    Great job putting thepic up!!YUM!!:))
    Look at my Karataka feast on Thursday or friday!!Looks similar!!

  2. Why do many of the dishes not have the recipes for them? I am disappointed as I am so eager to try them all out. I live in Newzealand and away from home. Please print them very sooooon.

  3. I have been waiting endlessly for the recipes for the dishes where only the deliciously looking food is posted – when will I be able to read the recipe??????? I have already written this request earlier.

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