Thangjing and U-Morok

Picture of a very spicy chilly locally known in manipur as “U-Morok” and “Thangjing” . Thangjing is a water plant and the skin is quite spiky. The seeds/nuts inside is eaten with “morokmetpa” (chilly smashed with small fermented fish “ngari”) or eromba and is quite addictive.

I haven’t seen this vegetable in any other place. If anyone eats or have seen this vegetable please drop a comments. Thanks ! 

Thanks to Rakesh Sougaijam for sharing this picture.


17 responses to “Thangjing and U-Morok

  1. Thangjing, despite its apalling appearance, is one ‘must-have’ for the meitei singju and eromba…i like both the kinds. And well for the U-morok, winter’s here…might as well need some ‘o those lol.

  2. Che Monica,

    From whatever little I know abt thangjing…in hindi its called “makhana”…in places like bihar…they make popcorn from the thangjing maru. Even in Tripura its popular among the locals and of course the meitei population here

  3. I haven’t come acroos any real U-morok in Europe or anywhere else in the globe. What i have seen in some asian markets are the Scotch Bonnet Chillies. Often you will find Habanero chillies in soups in Latin America. Both of them match quite alike U-morok.
    Thangjing (foxnut) is quite common to see in any thai or chinese supermarkets.
    However, its been ages since i last had those. Come October… and looking forward to relish those when i visit imphal.

  4. Che Monica,

    As my name suggests, I am a great fan of Naga Morich.
    But I see that you have displayed picture of U-Morok in such a large quantity that I feel jelous of you.

    I know Naga so well that I find U-Morok is different in look than Naga.

    How I wish I could lay my hands on U-Morok!!

    I live in Detroit USA and grow my own chillies.

    Can you direct me to a source in Manipur from where I can get seeds?
    I would be highly obliged.

    Naga Jolokia Addict aka Hemant Trivedi

  5. As far as U-Morok is concern it is avialabe in Dubai too but the origin is from Bangaladesh. Is hot and looks the same….but my heart still ponder for the Original One from Sana Leibak Manipur.

  6. Hi Monica,
    Its a pleasure to see someone following the details of Manipuri cuisine. I tried doing my bit as a tribute to my roots by adding an article on wikipedia by the name MAnipuri cuisine however it needs futher details and I would also like to include pictures.
    My request to u would be if you can further add these beautiful pics and expand it a little more so that the entire world can see and know about manipuri cuisine.

    New Delhi

  7. wow…….my mouth is watering….its been such a long time i havn’t tasted those tastiest foods of manipur…..they are the priciest possession of manipur


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