Picture of a commonly available vegetable in manipur locally known as “Ekai-thabi”.  Mostly eaten raw with “Morokmetpa” (Manipuri Chilly sauce) or used in “Kanghou”.

Please drop by a comment if this vegetable is eaten in any other place other than in manipur.  

Thanks to Rakesh Sougaijam for sharing this photograph.


15 responses to “Ekai-Thabi

  1. Your photos are abs gorgeous! Evevry one of the veggies show me here is unknown to me and we both are from India!!:))

    Great learning experience, thanks Monica!!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Monica, u r posting some of the very unusual veggies. Never seen them before. Please post some recipes with them.
    I want to visit Manipur, your pictures look so tempting…

  3. HI, this is your bro.debin i remember urs cuisine looks so great,i mean it’s a delicious food huh………….Your blog is too much mouth watering.

  4. I was so happy when i saw the most beautiful and excellent cuisine for manipur which to be spreed to the world wides.I was so glade to saw the beautiful picture of manipur cuisine.Long live the friends which proceed to bring in this levels.Have a good day by friends……………

  5. Che-Monica,

    This veggie is eaten in Tripura by the locals and the bongs here say its a good for pple suffering from jaundice.

  6. Ikai khumnajaba pijari.Eikhoigi leipakta nattana atei leipak haibadi Myanmar,Thailand,Lao da eikhoina chanaribasigum yamna phajana chai.China gi haibadi yunan gi srukta chanei.Ibiribasigum singjugi mayal ama oeina Pakhangba maton.Hueikhong.mayamna kaonaraba makhal kharasu mayamda ningsingbiduna isagi chinjakta kannaba yaobasing mayamda paojel pibiyu.Adombu thagatchari.

  7. This is commonly used is Thai and Vietnames cooking also. Google water mimosa and you will find lots of Thai recipe

  8. Its called water mimosa and used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Google “water mimosa” and you will find tons of Thai recipes.

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