Winged Bean (Known as “Tengnou Manbi” in manipuri)


This is one of my favourite vegetable back home in Manipur. Locally known as “Tengnou Manbi” and also known as winged beans.  Tender “Tengnou Manbi” eaten fresh with “morokmetpa” or “eromba” is yummy.



5 responses to “Winged Bean (Known as “Tengnou Manbi” in manipuri)

  1. This vegetable is found in Kerala also. It is called payar.
    It is locally grown in Kerala. Keralaites make the so called thoran with thisby sauting this with onion and adding coconut scrapings.

  2. this bean is also eaten in Phillipines…when i went to a supermarket there i really got excited to see lots of fresh tenou-manbi being sold out there…

  3. I’ve seen tenou-manbi in rural karnataka. Don’t knw how they eat but almost every household had few plants.

  4. hi,
    I love to eat tengnou-manbi the way we eat in manipur with morok-metpa or as an ingredient in sinju and iromba but to be frank the one sauteed with onion and coconut scrap is not my type.Its very exciting for me to know that there is a website on manipuri food.Its a kinda really cool.. keep it up!!!


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