Aloo & Mangan Kanghou


8 responses to “Aloo & Mangan Kanghou

  1. this is really a nice web page!
    keep it up
    please also publish somthing about uti asangba my fav….
    all the best!

  2. Hi !!!!!
    This is a wonderful web page.i am one of the girl who doesnt know how to cooked.But right now am staying at hyderabad & need self cooked,thank god, i got this page & I have learnt how to cook differnt dish spicially manipuri dish which i wish to eat. thank u very much …..u done a great job.

  3. hi monika,
    it is really good to have this wonderful web page. you have done a good job. could you please share us with recipe of this aloo kanghou. i am manipuri girl married to pune guy. I was wondering that if i can make such good manipuri recipe which i can make without fish and ghari.

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