Chicken Fry with mushroom

Marinate chicken (cleaned with salt & lemon juice) at least for 30 mins for best result (but I have tried without marinating for 30 mins and it still is goo) with salt, black pepper, turmeric powder, chilly powder and garam/chicken masala and salt to taste.

Put in oven with temperature of 350 F for 20 mins, turn the chicken leg and bake for 20 more mins.

Fry chicken in oil, and once cooked, add little butter (this gives a very good flavour) , remove chicken & in the same oil & little sauce/juice remains of chicken after baking, saute the mushrooms with black pepper, salt & butter. Serve it with the chicken. Great as starters.

I love this, it has always come out great !!! Esay & fast to make 🙂       


One response to “Chicken Fry with mushroom

  1. Will you STOP posting those yummy yummy (read alluring) pictures…am drooling all over my workplace… and meal time is a long way 🙂 … kiddin…

    Just one word : YUMZ!!!

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