Gujarati Curry with Moong Dal & Rice

One of my colleague got this for lunch and I love it and got the recipe, will try this soon. 

Moog Dal

  • Soak Moong
  • Do tarka with Oil, hing, and red chilly powder
  • Add little water, Moog, haldi, salt and cook (remember not to overcook it, it should be just cooked with grains of moong separated)

Gujarati Curry

  • Besan powder- 1 spoon
  • Curd – 5 spoon
  • Mix with water & beat it untill bubbles are form
  • Add crush fresh ginger, green chilly, curry patta and salt
  • keep aside for 5 minutes and boil, add little haldi  
  • Do tarka with Ghee, methi seeds (fenugreek), mustard seeds, zeera, 1 cinamon stick, elaichi and add in the boiling curry
  • Add pinch of sugar & cilantro for garnishing

Serve with rice.


3 responses to “Gujarati Curry with Moong Dal & Rice

  1. Monica, what a lovely blog you have. I hope to learn a lot about traditional Manipuri food from you. Am so glad i found this blog. BTW, that cuury and daal are yummy :). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi it was great i love to eat good dishes and want to knowm as i have cherrised the tadka on yellow dal made by a gujrati in rajasthan kinldy send me some details of different tadka thanks

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