I am back :)

It’s been a long long time that I haven’t blogged …. but there was a lot of cooking done in my Chakhum 🙂 and I will be playing catch up with the recipes I have learnt during these phase.  I was caught up balancing my life with the new addition in our family. Our little guy took up most of my time and with his arrival, I have learnt/experienced so many new things in life and life has changed … in many ways. And I would love to share some of my experiences and hence decided to widen the scope of this blog to “Wari Watai” chit chatting on topics which are of interest to me.

I would really like to thank all my readers, specially the ones who had been dropping comments. Your comments are a great motivation for me to continue blogging. I am happy that I am learning with you and enjoying the joys of making and eating manipuri & other food … THANKS !!!

Sharing a picture of my son …



8 responses to “I am back :)

  1. Hi Monica, I wanted to ask you something/a favour but couldn’t find your email/contact page. So spamming your comments 🙂

    Me and some other ‘manipuri food’ starved friends are planning to start a small restaurant in Bangalore. We haven’t had Manipuri food for years, and have got no photos of them. I was hoping if I could use some of the photos from your blog for our website. With due credit and link of course.

    Oh and your son.. so very adorable, a handsome chap… girls are surely gonna go head over hills..

    Btw the column width is this new theme is somewhat small, some of the photos can’t be seen fully..


  2. Hi
    After seeing ur blog and pics i really miss my home town. it has been more than 3 years than i miss my mom kitchen ,after seeing ur blog and receipe i feel like going home and eating manipuri dishes and those who sell at small hotel like bora,killi chani etc etc.

    i love too c more from ur blog .

  3. heima..nungi oire masigi blog se..cute photo of marc..
    i was looking for Mairen thongba recipe and came across your blog 🙂
    will call you sometime soon!!

  4. Lately I have been diagnosed with an illness that deprives me of eating any non-veg items. I am adviced to stay away from non-veg until this temporary set-back is fixed. Anyway, its alrite, I will live!!! So, I was surfing the net hoping to find some good manipuri recipes and thats when I bumped into your blog. You have a pretty neat your-own-world set up here and you deserve to be appreciated for your endeavour. Count me in to your fans list as I will be dropping by more often than not to check out your updates!!!

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