Kaphoi with Yendem (Promagranate)

promagranate2Kaphoi (Promagranate) was also an all time favourite fruit of mine. The kaphoi are mostly sour and that is the best part. Now I search for sour kaphoi & I don’t get it. Abok (Grand-mother) had sweet kaphoi plant which she calls it as bedana kaphoi & getting one of the bedana was a big treat.

Wrap the kaphoi seeds with yendem leaves, with little salt & green chilly & eat it. This is best with the sour kaphoi. If you are very sleepy, this is an instant getting awake technique 😉




3 responses to “Kaphoi with Yendem (Promagranate)

  1. I keep talking to people about this! i have a fond memory as a teenager eating kaphoi wrapped in tender yendem leaf-tips…was the best wake-up snack to have after a looong siesta :-)Thanks for sharing!

  2. any idea what is Yendem called in English/Hindi… i don’t live in manipur and am dying to get it here in Mumbai !!

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