Homemade Sangom-aphumba (Yogurt)

Back in Imphal, eating Sangom-aphumba (Yogurt) was a treat. We never made it at home. Lady vendors would come at home with yogurt in earthen pots. We use to eat it by putting sugar in it. They had Sangom-mapan (cream) too which was really tasty.

I have been craving for home made yogurt !! One of my friend was kind to share her yogurt for the initial start-up requirement.

-Boil milk

-Cool down milk & when it is luke warm, add half a spoon or a spoon (NOT more !!) of yogurt.

– Mix it and put it in the oven with lights on for 10 – 12 hours. Keep it in the fridge once yogurt is formed.

I have made it 3 times now and consistently it has come out really good. Generally I start making during dinner and put the milk overnight in the oven and by morning, it’s done.


– If you want the yogurt to be sour, you can keep the yogurt out for longer time, maybe 15 hrs instead of the 10-12 hrs

– Put only half a spoon of yogurt for the start-up. Putting more yogurt doesn’t make a good yogurt 🙂 I thought so & I had put 3 to 4 spoons.

– You need to boil the milk to get a good taste. Just making the milk luke-warm may not give the best result!!!


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