Aloo Bonda with Bread

I had this craving for eating vada pao when half the ingredients weren’t available in my kitchen, but I just got whatever basic I had and made it, it came close & I really enjoyed it.

– Make Aloo filling <Boil Aloo, heat oil & put mustard seeds, whole zeera, curry patta, onions, followed by ginger & garlic, add masala – turmeric, chilly, zeera & coriender powder – add aloo & fry till well cooked, add salt to taste, season with coriender leaves)  and separate in small round size .

– Make a thick batter paste – Besan, 2 spoon of rice flour, pinch of cooking soda, very very little, chilly powder & salt)

– garlic flavored vada pao masala which I got from Indian store

– Bread/vada pao would have been great !!!

  • Dip the rounded aloo into the thick batter & deep fry it in a heated up oil. Turn & cook untill brown and you can see the crispy look.
  • Toast the bread/pao with butter , sprinkle with the garlic flavored masala on top of the bread, put the aloo bonda in between like a sand-witch

Enjoy with Tea !!!


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