Soibum thongba (Bamboo shoot curry)

I had this craving of eating soibum thongba (Bamboo shoot curry) which my mom use to make with fish. Due to the time difference, I couldn’t call her but consulted with Linthoi who gave me awesome tips and it came out really good.

  • Soak Soibum (I got bamboo shoot pickled from Grant Mart) with salt for a bit, wash it thoroughly
  • Cut Onions, ginger & garlic in slices
  • Cut 1 tomato in slices
  • Whole Zeera, tejpata (bay leaf), hing, methi, zeera powder, coriander powder, chilly flakes, turmeric powder.
  • Deep fry tunghanbi nga (Tilapia)
  • Oil & salt to taste
  • Potatoes cubed.
  • Fresh coriander leaves (which I didn’t have)

-Put whole zeera, bay leaf on heated oil, put little methi & hing, add onions, once a little brownish, add ginger & garlic, reduce flame & add masala – turmeric, zeera, coriander powder & chilly flakes

– Add potatoes and fry at medium heat for 5 mins

– Add the soibum & fry for 2-3 mins

– Add boiled water

– crank up the flame and let the curry boil. ( class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=””>Brong brong souhallo)

– Add tomato & fried fish & let it boil for some more time, you can check if aloo is cooked & smashed some of the aloo to make the gravy little thicker

– Add salt to taste & simmer for 5 mins.

– Garnish with fresh coriander leaves (I missed this) 


Eat with Rice and (ngashung nganga metpa ) red chilly morok-metpa with maroi, it’s awesome !!!! I enjoyed it but it surely didn’t come as how I remembered eating in manipur. Please feel free to comment your advice or new recipe of Soibum. Thanks to Linthoi for sharing the recipe.


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