Rice flour, salt, grated coconut & puttu vessel

Add salt in rice flour, Sprinkle water in rice flour & start mixing to make the rice flour wet , keep on mixing until u can make lumps when you clasp but can be easily crumbled.

Add water in the puttu vessel (half the capacity) and heat it till it is boiling.

Place a handful of grated coconut in the Puttu vessel (top part) and then add the rice mixture till half, now add another handful of grated coconut. Continue adding rice mixture and top it with some coconut. Close the lid and steam the Puttu for about 12-15 minutes.

Serve with Channa curry, Egg Roast/curry or with Banana & sugar

Mistake – In case you don’t see steam coming out on the top even after putting for more that 12 mins, it might be blocked, make holes using a long thin stick – I used the skewer for kabab 🙂


2 responses to “Puttu

  1. In another version the grated coconut is mixed with rice flour and also use coconut water to make the puttu mix!

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