Chicken Pulao

Marinate for 1 Hr at least- Chicken <medium size cut>, salt, chilly

powder, curd, mint & curry leaves.

Soak basmati Rice for 30 mins

Fried Cashewnut.

Dry Roast in a pan in slow flame- Poppy seed 2 tbs, cardamon,

cinnamon, cloves  – take it out when the aroma comes – cool it down

Mixie – The above dry roast – mix it first & fresh coconut – little water –

make paste

Oil 2 tablespoon, whole garam masala <clove, connamon>, sahi zeera

or regular zeera, sliced onions, salt, 1 tbs ginger garlic paste <cook till

the rawness goes off>, turmeric, green chilly, curry leaves, coriander

powder, put the paste <cook till oil oozes out>, add the marinated 


Add soaked Rice on top, cook for 5 mins, add water <1 cup rice : 2 cup

water, so add 1 cup, other cup taken care by chicken gravy> & mix it

up. Add fried cashewnut, chopped coriender leaves, Cook in slow

flame for 20 mins.

Mix it up & Squeeze little lemon juice.


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