Mangal ooti – Manipuri Dish

I ate Mangal ooti many time during my visit home this time. It’s amazing that even kids liked it so much & we ended up cooking often as mealtime was easier with the kids eating lunch well without any tantrums 🙂

In the actual preparation we use ushoi. But since getting ushoi is not always handy we can do without it but with the ushoi it’s awesome !!!!

Pressure cook Ushoi <thinly slices > yello peas/mangal <soaked overnight> – 4 whistle should be good, add 2 slices of green chilly.

Tarka/Sok touba – Heat oil, whole Red Chilly, whole Zeera, Tejpatta/bay leaf, Maroi Nakuppi or chives <Replace with onions if not available>, once chives turns towards being crispy, add to the pressure cooked mangal/peas. Adjust the gravy by adding more water as required. Add soda & salt to taste <be careful, the bubbles will come up>.  Add little milk at the end <This is my mother’s secret to her awesome ooti which I learnt from her>.

Serve with white rice or Khichari during Kang.


14 responses to “Mangal ooti – Manipuri Dish

  1. Its really make me happy that even though l am far away from my sweet home, i got recipes of my fav manipuri dishes online which are so healthy in comparision to other states oily n spicy foods. Thank u very much.

  2. i hv nevr been 2 dis n hvnt visitd this website… bt its gud 2 c recipes of manipuri dishes in d internet..we wil b abl 2 mk it netym, its gr8 4 al who r stayin far from home…

  3. Hi its me Nanda!……….Monicaji you r amajzing! I m extremly pleasure to access ur hav done great about our Manipuri dishes.Congrats once again!!! Besides I hav a suggestion or perhaps a general request, please give a dish recipe on Hawaijar Chagempomba, Hayaimubi Eronba, Kangshoi and Hayaimaton Singju as well! Anyway keep it up!!!

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